Parent Aide Program

The Newark Family Resource Network Parent Aide Program, administered by Newark Day Center, provides services to families referred through the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

This program works closely with families to support them in reaching personal and family goals. Much of our client population consists of single parents, some of whom may be without family and financial support.

Some of the parents we serve had themselves been neglected as children and were without examples of proper parenting. Each situation is different. So, a Parent Aide works with the families, giving the necessary direct assistance, information, and referral services.

Assistance may include teaching a parent how to keep a clean home, or teaching the importance of child development, proper nutrition, and health care for both child and parents.

The goal of the Parent Aide is to provide excellence in service, assisting parents with whatever techniques and skills they may need to better their lives and parenting skills, all while ensuring the safety and well-being of their children.


When faced with a crisis, a parent may need an objective place to turn for guidance. The Newark Day Center often acts as a sounding board, helping parents and children work through challenging issues and reach meaningful solutions.

Email us for more information or call 973-643-5710.