Fresh Air Fund

The Fresh Air Fund continues to uphold its motto:

Our children will thrive
and grow with hope
and determination
if we show them that we care.

The Fresh Air Fund has been serving the Greater Newark community for over 137 years. The Fresh Air Fund addresses the need for rest, relaxation, and fresh air for the rapidly-increasing population of families in the city.

Today, the Fresh Air Fund provides life-changing summer camp experiences for inner-city children, including children with special needs. Individuals who wish to refer a child may do so through the child’s school or through an appropriate social agency.


The Fresh Air Fund maintains a long list of goals and outcomes for the campers. They make sure that each child benefits from the program include:

    • Healthy meals while at camp,
    • Activities that stimulate their cognitive and physical growth,
    • Opportunities to expand their network of friends, and
    • FUN!


The Fresh Air Fund selects camps that are certified and accredited. Camps are visited annually and evaluated by Fresh Air Fund staff. Children with special needs, whether physical or neurological, are also placed at camps designed to accommodate their needs.


Camp activities include:

    • Computer literacy,
    • Reading,
    • Nature and science,
    • Conflict resolution,
    • Cultural awareness,
    • Biking,
    • Arts and crafts,
    • Hiking,
    • Sports,
    • Drama,
    • Swimming,
    • Music,
    • Environmental awareness,
    • …and much more!


Funding for the Fresh Air Fund is obtained through individual donors, various community and corporate organizations, and benefits given on behalf of the Fresh Air Fund. Donations pay for camp costs and expenses incurred in the placement process.

For over 30 years, the Battle of the Barristers Charity Softball tournament has been held to raised, on average, $70,000 annually for the Fresh Air Fund . This event is a round robin of softball games between ten law firms. Games begin at Brookdale Park and then conclude at Yogi Berra Stadium. The Battle of the Barristers remains the largest annual fundraiser for the Fresh Air Fund and we look forward to this exciting and fun annual event.

For more information, contact Evon Garvin at the Newark Day Center or call Evon at 973-643-5710 Ext. 117

Are you interested in having your child apply? Fill out our Fresh Air Fund Application Form.

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