Early Childhood Education

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Newark Day Center’s Early Childhood Education program provides infant, toddler, and preschool education for over 200 children. Their ages range from 3 months through 5 years.

We have a high quality program with certified teachers who are trained to implement the most current educational initiatives for young children. Our programs include Early Head Start, Abbott Preschool, and a general childcare and preschool. Our program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and licensed by the State of New Jersey.

The Child Development Center is located at 305 Halsey Street in Newark.


The Center operates year-round Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM-5:30 PM, except for holidays. Nutritionally balanced meals are served daily. The meals include breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.


We employ a highly-trained professional staff for our child development programs. All staff members have appropriate early childhood degrees or certifications. Continuing education is a requirement for our entire staff.


Newark Day Center’s philosophy is to provide a high-quality educational child development program for children ages 3 months through 5 years. We believe that the early childhood years are the most formative time in human development.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to be responsible for their learning. Every classroom offers a wide variety of learning materials and equipment that reflect age and developmental appropriateness as well as gender and cultural diversity.

Our curriculum activities include:

    • Fine and gross motor development,
    • Cognitive, perceptual sensory, and social-emotional development,
    • Basic concepts for math, science, language, reading readiness, music, and art, and
    • Creative and critical thinking and problem-solving skills and techniques.

NDC Playground


Children involved at our center participate in a wide variety of special activities, such as the “Early Learning Through the Arts” program sponsored by the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and field trips to the local libraries and museums as well as other local outings to promote education, learning, and fun.


Parents are involved throughout the year through parent orientation meetings, classroom volunteering, chaperoning field trips, and parent-teacher conferences.


The greater Newark community continues to collaborate with Newark Day Center to provide cultural, educational, and other support for our families through donations of time, services, programs, and more.


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