The mission of the Newark Day Care Center is to continue our long tradition of training the poor to help themselves.  We strive to support the citizens of Newark and Essex County of all ages by providing child care, training opportunities for adults, social services for the elderly and summer camping experiences through the Fresh Air Fund.  We will also serve as a vehicle to promote partnerships with other community-based organizations, and advocate for those who seek our assistance.


The Newark Day Center touches and enhances the lives of families at various stages throughout their lifetime.  Its supportive board members, staff, parents and the community contribute to the longevity and positive image maintained by the agency for almost 200 years.

A continuum of services is offered, beginning with childcare.  Years later, many of the children will return in need of the respite of camp or to work as camp counselors.  Some return as staff members or alumni to perform community service through their services several days per month working with young children and seniors.

The Centers’ alumni have had such an excellent early start that they are distinguishing themselves academically and happily are not forgetting to return to help others.  The golden years can also be enjoyed at out Senior Center, a place to meet with peers and share many enjoyable memories with each other while utilizing the excellent services and resources.


Newark Day Center has initiated and engaged in numerous collaborative projects with agencies throughout the City, County and State.  An intergenerational program, utilizing seniors in the childcare classroom, was initiated several years ago.  This program not only provided a social outlet for retired seniors and, in some instances part-time employment, but also offered a meaningful opportunity for them to share their expertise with others.

Newark Day Center offers a holistic approach to the implementation of social services for members of the Greater Newark Community.  The professional staff, who are aware of the sensitive nature f those seeking assistance, administer a personalized, hands-on approach.  Our team utilizes a network of information and referral services that reduces the risk of a client becoming “lost in the system.”